Saturday, December 15, 2012

Valencia Spain on A Summer Day

 It is mid December and it is perfect shorts and t-shirt weather for me here in Texas, but I know for many of you it is winter and cold.  I hadn't posted anything for a while so I found this draft that I never got around to posting.  Hope you enjoy the beach and the thought of summer days...

Located on the Costa De Sol, or coast of the sun it is a favorite beach town for Europeans.

We met in the afternoon on the beach to enjoy the sand and surf. A nice beach chair under an umbrella was perfect to soak it all in. It is all such a relaxing laid back atmosphere. Yes it is warm but with the breeze blowing in off the Med. Sea it isn't so bad.
Beach side sangria and tapas. Yummy and fun!

Good to the end. PS. That was broiled calamari squid. Yea looks a little odd but was so good!!!! It kind of looks like a rubber band and if overcooked it will have the texture of one, but when cooked correctly it is so succulent floating in garlic butter.  The Spaniards do a good job with their sea food. Audios