Sunday, March 18, 2012

Check Out this Asparagus


So there I was looking at my blog and checking for comments and such like that. There was a cool picture which I didn't recognize and then I did it.  Yes, I accidentally clicked on a Pepperidge Farms advertisement. I'm not supposed to click on my own adds but I'm glad I did.  I got so excited about this recipe I went right out to purchase the needed ingredients. 

Start with the Pepperidge Farms puff pastry.  You can find it in the frozen bread section of your grocery.
The puff pastry comes in a two pack and I used just one of them. The recipe calls for herbed cheese spread. I looked around the grocery store but couldn't find it. Never go to the grocery store at 4:30, chaos. It was like a kicked ant hill. Maybe with more patience I would have found it.  (P.S. if you are over 90 years old don't go to the grocery store at 4:30, and if you must don't park your cart in the middle of the isle while you stare at the cheese fridge.)

My answer to no herbed cheese was Neufchâtel that I "herbed." up myself. I used Italian spices,  garlic, and some paprika. After mixing it I spread it out on the puff sheet.
I then laid out sheets of deli ham on the cheese bed. The original suggests  Prosciutto ham. I went with the thin deli style ham to cut down on cost and salt.  I'm going to write a blog dedicated to Prosciutto ham soon.  Check back for that one.  Anyway back to the asparagus.

Now cut it into thin strips. I  had 17  stalks of asparagus so I cut it into quarters and then quarters again.

It really was about the right size. Now roll the strips on the stalk.  About a 45 degree angle worked nicely.  I found this technique of laying out the strip and then turning the stalk at a 45 then spiral it up along the counter top.
OK, look at the Pepperidge Farms web site for the recipe and picture.  Theirs were prettier than mine.
A great new snack!  You will be the hit of the party.

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  1. yumm, these look too delicious, i'll definately try it soon.