Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stockholm's, Slinger Bulten Restaurant and a Guard Change!

One of my favorite restaurants in Stockholm is The Slinger Bulten. It is located in old town on the opposite side of that island. But of course to get there you need to make some sightseeing time.

If your there the changing of the guard at the palace is a highlight. It is very impressive with its cavalry of beautiful horses.
They make their way in a parade leading to the palace courtyard. This is followed by a military ceremony lasting a good half hour.
The mounted brass band was awesome. At one point they made a circle and blasted the horns and drums as the marched the horses in a circle.
Finally the new guard was in place. And I continued my adventures!

Bottom line this creates an appetite and weather you want Swedish meatballs with the tart lingonberry jam, fish in many varieties, or beef you won't be diss appointed at The Slinger Bulten.
The other night I was asking the waiter owner some questions concerning what the cured salmon was like. He was so helpful and ended up explaining the three day process and giving me a gratuitous sample with my other choice which was a pike trout which we suspected was similar to a walleye.
Impressive sample. It was good just a little salty but still good. I had the fish stew which the other pilot told me the last time he was there his table had been given a sample of. Good marketing! He started with the tomato salad. Both were wonderful, but no surprise there!
The fish was served on potatoes but note the texture. Not mashed but small curdles. Visit this one!