Friday, June 15, 2012


Stockholm Sweden is a lovely city to say the least. Situated on the coast of Sweden it is actually built on an archepelojo of small islands. The water gives it a wonderful charm.
The old and new still navigate these former Viking waters. One of the most impressive of these ships from former days was actually an immense failure only making it a few moments into her maiden voyage. Several hundred years ago the king wanted a boat which would intimidate those nasty Danes and the other hostiles on the seas. The ship designer caved to the pressure and overbuilt the massive ship. But too many canons too high spells disaster. The ship took a little cross wind (as a pilot I'd want more rudder..}  and it tipped over into the harbor not to be seen again for some 300 years when some scientists went looking for her  and found a well preserved "Vassa". Brought back up and today she is housed in a wonderful museum. A must see if you are there.
I made my sitseeng adventure on a hop on hop off boat tour. It was an efficient and fun way to see the city.
Dinner was an interesting time. I met back up with the captain and we went to a place he had heard was good.
I include the card which you can do two things with. Take note and not go here or take note an avoid it like the plague!!!

I will just say it was excellent and I left very hungry! I chose the Reindeer steak. Sort of a bone in ribeye. I don't know but I thought this was more like an elk sized animal or perhaps I got one still playing reindeer games! It was obviously farm raised based on the lack of any gameness in its taste.
Honestly the Plate was small, the yummy little potatoes were the size of marbles. The purea of some root was barely there at all. A true bargain for about $35.

(cooking note: if your portions are small put it on a saucer not a plate and look for the smallest veggies in the world!)

The captain said oh well make it up in the morning at the free breakfast served by the hotel.

One of a couple plates the next morning! 

Welcome to Stockholm!!!

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