Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Trip To Moscow

First I'd like to make a tribute of thanks to about half a dozen regular readers from the Russian Federation. I enjoy visiting this city and hope to one day get to see more of this interesting country.

Now let's set the mood with some Tchaikovsky:
Tchaikovsky 1812 overture

Aeroflot airplanes parked at the gate at the  Sheremetyevo Airport

 Russia is twice the length of the USA. It's immense size has left lasting effects on some of histories great conquers. She's said to be unconquerable. 

This a memorial leading into the city. It demarks the furthest Hitler's army was able to push east. I know you Russians refer to this point as when you won WWII. There is a bit of controversy here but certainly with Hitler being stretched on two fronts "we" , the allies who were opposing him, defeated him. 

This drink is kvass, it is kind of like a first brew beer drunk before it is given the chance to be bottled and only slightly fermented. It is a bit different tasting but it reminds me of the smell in the kitchen when my mom was baking bread and the yeast was growing. It's not just used as a beverage. It is the heart of a cold summer soup called okroshka.  I absolutely love it.  I'm going to have to try making the kvass and the okroshka soon.  I'll do a story on that effort.

This stuff is so good. All of those wonderful veggies blended with fresh herbs and of course garnished with sour cream. 

It is a great change from my typical fare. Enjoy some Russian culture, food, and history!

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