Thursday, January 30, 2014

San Francisco

San Fransico has a special place for all, wheather you've been there or not. Of course we've all been there at least through the movies or TV. As a child I can remember chasing down bad guys on "The Street's of Sanfransico." Humming "Rice a Roni, a San Fransico treat."  Tootsie walking coming down the hills to the apartment. As of recently a bunch of Apes taking the bridge to the man... Oh that list could go on and on.

One of my first encounters with the city was a memory of my father. A young Korean War soldier eating his first pizza, and Chinese food before shipping out. There is something about seeing The Golden Gate Bridge in person, that incredibly awe inspiring achievement of engineering. There is also the joy of walking along fisherman's wharf and smelling the salt and sea. Hearing a sea lion barking and gulls jabbering.

The Golden Gate engulfed in fog.

But of course fisherman's wharf is about fish. The bounty of their labor for those land lubbers who want to feast on the oceans treasures.


It's lunch time!!!

"Mine! Mine! Mine!" Hey you, this isn't yours, it's mine!

Can't blame them. It was so wonderful. If you are in the city make it a point to get a sampling of the sea. Have a lunch with a gull, and quietly hum, "I left my heart, in San Francisco..."

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm back! Or hip???

Ok so I know it's been almost a year since I've last posted. I do have an excuse all be it perhaps weak. Last spring my hip pain had progressively gotten worse to the point I'd go to a great city and not feel like getting out. In May, I had a total hip replacement.

Out of myway!! I'll run you down. Anyway I'm back to 100% and will be taking in the sites and ambiance to share with you.

By the way some friends helped out by cooking meals for a week or two. They were all great and a joy to consume.

I look forward to sharing with you soon.