Monday, February 6, 2012

Madrid's Famous Mushroom Bar

There is a famous little quaint bar in Madrid which I've been in a couple of times.  Actually it is a tourist trap which everyone should experience at least once. A pitcher of  sangria and an order of their signature tapas made from mushrooms is required. If you aren't familiar with Spain the word tapas might have thrown you.  Here is an amusing story within the story.  On one of my first Spanish adventures I was telling my wife about going to the tapas bar for dinner.  Probably only half listening up to that point she did a double take and asked, You went to a topless bar for dinner??? Of course I immediately corrected her and told her not for dinner...Duh.

They make these little delights in the open kitchen on a big flat grill. With the stem removed a piece of chorizo is placed in the middle with a little dab of garlic butter and pesto. They are pretty good.

The atmosphere is cheesy at best. With fake mushrooms hanging from the vaulted ceiling.
It is brightly lit with a little old man playing an organ and singing. A crowd of tourists from around the world all saying, "well I've seen it, check it off the list."  What can I say it is kind of fun and the mushrooms are great.

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