Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ukrainian In Russia

Gosh Moscow can be cold in the winter. On a recent visit it was about zero for a high. Yep pretty cold for a polar bear. The Russians are amazing, they just go about their lives trudging through the cold. PETA would not like those Russian ladies but when it is cold a mink is a good idea. I don't have a mink just a couple of cats so I had to rely on synthetics and some wool. Of course room service is always a possibility but that's no fun, so it was out to a favorite Ukrainian restaurant. What is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian you may be asking..... I don't exactly know except if you are Ukrainian in a Russian place it wasn't the way Mom made it and vice e versa.

After donning all the clothing I had in my suitcase we all met downstairs to start the death march. OK maybe not war and peace but we're American wimps. Soft in the middle, etc.  Actually it wasn't that bad especially if you focus on dinner and pat your cheeks to keep them from freezing, a little anti-freeze helps too.

Twenty minutes of bone chilling cold and we were there in front. You can tell these people are tough by their looks. (I think I'm going to do my hair like that for Mardi Gras.)
You're probably wondering  so what is the name of this place? I don't know, but it's good.
They bring out the snacks right away. A great cholesterol booster of paprika butter and the plate of raw bacon wrapped pickled asparagus. It's actually good but you just have to try and not think about it. Another special order item which is a treat in Eastern Europe is raw garlic cloves. Maybe if you eat enough of them it will counter the fat...
Yes sour cream too. Not the low fat kind. They probably don't even know what low fat sour cream is.

You put the sour cream into the soup. In this case it was a mixed meat and vegetable which was
Good. Yes, it is a green olive floating on top.  Not indigenous to the Ukraine I don't think...
Then the main course of steamed dumplings. These had ground pork (I think.....) :)  I loved the grilled onions on top. Yes, you dollop the sour cream on them too. Too yummy. By now we're already worried about the mile back to the hotel. But at least now our bodies have all that fat calories to burn!
Our wait staff in costume. PS we all survived the walk back!

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