Friday, February 24, 2012

My ribs

OK, so after reading my own blog on the Brussels ribs I decided to make some knock off Brussels style BBQ ribs. I first boiled the pork spare ribs in a water mixture which included some crab boil mix, garlic, ginger, and who knows what else.
Next step was to create a marinade sauce. I used a Korean BBQ sauce, Yoshida sauce (sold at Sam's), half a can of limeade, and of course garlic and ginger.
I marinated it over night adding some onions and mushrooms. Then I put them on my smoker all afternoon.

The picture is kind of bad but the ribs are down below and the mushrooms and jalapenos are upstairs.  The mushrooms came off after a couple of hours and I put them and the marinade on the stove and boiled it down. This thickened the mixture and concentrated the flavor. I then served the ribsit with this as a sauce.
The end results was wonderful. So yummy.

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