Monday, March 5, 2012

A Beautiful Spanish Seniorita

I was in Spain heading out to meet with my spanish date for the night. This is an international layover, we do out of the ordinary things. This was my date.
Her ex boyfriend had lost a bull fight and she was feeling down. I didnt want to tell her I had a small thing for him too.
Instead I tried to comfort her in her loss.
She was appreciative and we thought we had a special relatioship.
I think I must tell her the truth. Well. I was just using her.
She was after all just a passing morsel on the plate.
Sorry my friends from PETA. It was a good meating. I will always have a thing for her but not in a way she needed it.  Does anyone have a glass of milk to toast my lost friend?

PS if you find this offensive you are too easily offendable but I will say I'm not that sorry and I do appreciate her addition to our society.   . 

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  1. You are so goofy! This was a really funny post.