Monday, March 19, 2012

Georgian Fare In Moscow

So what's the difference between Georgian, Ukrainian, and Russian foods? Well I do have a vague answer. How much truth I'm not certain. These countries are not only geographically near each other but all share some elements. The Georgian fare consists of more Shish kabobs, lots of lamb,  and a bit more tangy and spicy sauces than the Ukrainians or Russians. The Georgian's favor yogurt while the northern cousins go with sour cream. All enjoy fresh vegetables.

They started us out with some fresh veggies. So far more healthy than the bacon wrapped asparagus I wrote about several weeks ago that I ate in the Ukrainian place.
These were stuffed tomatoes which lost some things to translation. They had a rice mixture in them which was OK but nothing too special.
The main dish was made from lamb pieces in a sour cream sauce. It was laced with plenty of garlic and paprika. A very good dish. Now that I think about it the food reminded me of an Armenian restaurant I ate at in Jerusalem. Well I guess it should since the two countries share a boarder.  Enjoy!

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