Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A dish which Spain is known for is paella a rice dish cooked in it's own special skillet. It comes in many varieties. Most include seafood but not all. Chicken and sausage is very common. If you are from the south it may remind you of jambalaya a bit. The flavoring is different and the intent with the heavy skillet is to let the rice almost scorch getting a little crunchy on the bottom.
The unique flavor and distinctive color of the dish is obtained with saffron. Unfortunately this isn't my favorite spice but it does give it the distinctive taste and it does pair well with the seafood and chicken.
The best I ever had was on the beach in Valencia. Of course the atmosphere probably helped.
My little friend Sebastian her sort of made made me feel a bit like Ursala after stealing Ariel's voice. I got over it quick enough! Sing Under the Sea for me Sebastian."OK just easy with the fork."

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