Saturday, August 18, 2012


Being the world traveler and not to mention spending alot of time on Long Island I've never had a Knish. What is it? A bread filled with a mashed potato mixture. I personally think it was created by a poor Jewish mother trying to fill up her children not to mention how can you go wrong with portable mashed potatoes!!

Here's how I made them. I must confess I was motivated by one of my favorite blog sites.

I made an egg based bread dough.

I boiled some potatoes while working the dough.

I used whole wheat and probably wouldn't next time. It was a bit heavy.

I chopped some onion and a low fat cooked sausage. 

I cooked the onions and then added the sausage to it.

I then combined the cooked potatoes to this mixture.

I bathed the sausages in a beer. Makes it real yummy as the beer cooks down covering the sausage.

I guess I should own stock in neufch√Ętel cheese. But here again I used it in this recipe adding it to the potato onion sausage mix.

I used some of my favorite seasonings to add some depth.

Mixed it all together and added some steamed carrots just to sneak in some veggies.

A bit of mustard to sharpen it.

Now the real work begins. I did get better an tried a couple of different techniques I had read about.

After cutting it into rectangles I placed some of the filling on it.

Rolling the dough into a tube while pinching the ends I pulled it into the little loop.

This was method two I called the sausage roll. Making a longer tube I then squeezed it off and twisted the segments into separate pieces. Then I separated them and made the little loops.

Bake them at 375 until nice and brown. Not bad. Give it a try.

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