Saturday, December 24, 2011

Good King Wincelas

Good King Wenceslas

 looked out, on the feast of Steven. And the snow lay round about nice and thick and even....

Hear Good King Wenceslas.

So I'm in Prauge under Good King Wenceslas' castle. It is a lovely city and the Christmas market they have set up in the square adds to the ambiance.

The aroma of bratwurst cooking on wood fires, ham, and the ever-present hint of hot gluhwein, the hot spiced wine, is in the air.

I wanted something to eat and settled on a potato, sausage, onion, cabbage, and cheese concoction. It turned out to be a little bit bait and switch with the price of something else hanging above it. Oh well it didn't matter. The same thing happened a year ago with a ham sandwich here. Should I catch a pattern at the Christmas markets?

The food was as good as you can imagine as I hummed good King Wenceslas. Ok if you didn't go to the link I provided you must now and listen to the Army choir preform this old hymn.   Now the King was a kind hearted man and was known for feeding his serfs and giving out blankets to those less fortunate.  Sort of a perfect benevolent King. I leave you to read where it got him but what the heck I followed suit...

I decided I'd eaten plenty and offered a prayer for it's next owner and consumer while I carefully placed it next to the trash can. I took 10 steps and turned to see an excited new owner. I think he enjoyed it more than me and I was happy I got the opportunity to repeat the actions of the good King Winceslous.


  1. I'd really like to see a recipe for the "Pilot's Potatoes"!! Pictures would be nice as well! I know you cook a ton at home and I want to compare your food to the rest of the worlds!!!!

  2. JJ,
    A night at the johnsons's house promises to be filled with fantastic offerings! He will surprise your palate with things that you never saw coming! It makes me hungry just thinking about it...

  3. I'm working on giving you my famous potato recipe. Just hang in there!!!