Friday, January 6, 2012

My Idea Of Pizza

Everyone likes pizza but pizza is an extremely broad topic. If you're in New York a "slice" is a thin soggy crust with a bit of cheese on it. Personally I don't even consider cheese pizza as pizza. It is cheese bread or something.

If in Chicago a pie will be a thick crusted well dressed chunk of calories. Personally I'm not a thick crust kind of guy. The toppings on the Chicago pie are a plus.

In various parts of the world the main topping is corn. No thank you, not for me, I'll eat my corn as a side dish. In Africa you can get a great pizza out by the hotel pool. The sausage is a little different. Perhaps better to not ask too many questions. You may not like all the answers!

Some would never consider a mixture of seafood topping a pizza crust, but it is one of my Italy favorites. Speaking of Italy it is usually the brick oven variety. Sporting a crisp thin crust. They also often top it after baking it with a salad. Usually a rocket or other spicy green. Another trick to watch out for is an egg baked on it. Could be good or bad, you decide.

In the states you always find the crushed red peppers to top it off and a little spice. If you need it and are going on a round the world pizza tour you will need to bring it with you. Italy will have hot pepper oil. It's fine to jack up the heat but you wind up with an oily pizza.

A couple of my favorite pizza haunts domestically is the Bridge View Brewery in Portland, and the Rockbottom Brewery in Salt Lake City. While on Long Island I find myself ordering the Villa Maria Special substituting onions for the peppers and specifying well done.

Yes there is plenty to say about pizza but my favorite is home made. This was an effort in creativity which resulted in this masterpiece.  It was about an inch and a half thick. No kitchen sinks but just about everything else except corn.
Whether it is a Totino's cheese or Beau's monsters of all pizzas,  there is a slice somewhere out there just perfect for you.

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