Sunday, January 8, 2012


It's a great privilege to be able to live anywhere and still be able to get to work. We have guys living in Europe and all over the US. Alaska, Hawaii, and probably Asia, and Africa. You name it, even Texas!

Of coarse if you choose to live near your base it simplifies things. Not too long ago I got stuck in Atlanta. I got up early the next morning and went to Memphis (No not Egypt). I had a couple of hours to kill before the DFW flight so I thought lunch was in order, I deserved it. I got this great pulled pork sandwich feast and literally "pigged" out. There were several BBQ restaurants in the airport and they appear to all be pretty much the same. I would recommend you try one if you find yourself stuck in the Memphis airport.

My flight had a mechanical problem and was on a delay so I went to American's DFW flight's gate. It's a nice courtesy the airlines do for the employees of other airlines, allowing us to fly standby for free. They were nice and gave me and a bunch of other commuters seats. Then the nightmare got worse as delta passengers started showing up in droves.  We weren't the only ones who checked American's flight schedule.  Delta did too and sent about 50 some odd passengers down the hall to join us. We eventually got bumped so we went back to our wounded Delta flight only to find out the plane was fixed.  Fantastic news but since there were no passengers left there seemed to be some further questions.  It just kind of sat there and eventually we figured it out.  It had canceled due to lack of interest.  At least American had another flight in a couple of more hours.

Now it had been about 27 hours since I first landed at JFK. I was kind of feeling sorry for myself missed flights the day before, hotels, broken airplanes, oversold flights...

So confessions of a food lover. In an effort to appease myself I bought the big rib platter...couldn't finish it. Well it was only 2 or 3 hours since I pigged out on the sandwich. Sometimes eating is just comforting.  I eventually got home about 9pm. Oh yes the life of glamor!

Pig out in Memphis

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