Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chicken Piccata

The Italians do some amazing stuff with pasta. For me personally I think of the pasta as something to catch the sauce. Most of you are probably thinking red sauce, but don't forget about the Alfredo sauce. But there is also the Piccata,  I'm not Italian, but I definitely like this dish. 

Start with boneless skinless chicken breasts. Next time you want to insult someone just tell them ,"You remind me of a raw boneless, skinless chicken breast!" That should show them.

The good news is you can fix the chicken. First it needs a good beating to put it in it's place. Probably we all do at times!
Now is your opportunity take out any frustrations you may have for that skinless boneless chicken breast of a person. Just go after it with the meat mallet until it is a little over a quarter inch thick. 

Now you get to dredge it in bread crumbs. I like the Italian flavored ones. So now that you have beat the meat to a pulp you can pretend you are rubbing salt and sand into the wound!!! Well crummy bread crumbs. It is just so very therapeutic to cook!

Now you need to cook them in some hot oil. You don't need to kill them at this point since they will simmer in the sauce for awhile later.
While your letting the oil do it's thing you can grate off some lemon zest. OK so why does the peel become zest? Make some great grated lemon zest peeling stuff.
Make some chopped garlic. Half dozen or so.
Remove your breasts from the hot oil. (sounds like some wacky health/cosmetic self help thing) In the skillet saute the garlic a bit then put in the zest and juice from a couple of lemons. Add chopped parsley capers and a cup of white wine. Add a little chicken stock and put your breasts back in. Cook down for a while and then serve over pasta. Spooning on this sharp sauce that is just too yummy.


  1. Hmmm, that sounds nice! Can you believe I've never worked with capers before? What else are they good for?