Sunday, January 15, 2012


How many times have you finished a great meal and said, "I'm stuffed!"
We stuff turkeys by putting "stuffing" in the cavity. If you get a cavity the dentist doesn't stuff it but he "fills" it. Of course I felt all filled up when I decried, "I'm stuffed."

At any rate whether you are filled or stuffed it is a good thing, well most of the time. The key is a good stuffing.
While visiting Barcelona recently I ate a stuffed mushroom. It was a nice portobello and was really not in my mind so much stuffed as filled, or more precisely covered. Buried in heavenly bliss.

It is wise to eat seafood when in a coastal town so a Seafood stuffed mushroom sounded wonderful and it was. A crab and shrimp based concoction with plenty of garlic and swimming in the mushroom juice and lemon butter.
This was also a "stuffed" dish. Stuffed shrimp. But I wouldn't say stuffed but more like covered. In fact when I thought about it for awhile, that was when I decided the mushroom was also covered. The shrimp had a crab based stuffing covering the little shrimpy shrimp. But very tasty!!
Needles to say when I was done I was stuffed with stuffed things. After getting filled up I wiped my mouth so I was no longer "covered" in my dinner just simply stuffed!

Go to the kitchen and stuff something, fill it, or cover it, and then get stuffed!

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