Friday, January 13, 2012


In general Germany is a wonderful country with great hearty food. The capital city is Berlin and it captures a feeling of modern cosmopolitan culture while still keeping the reminders of the past.
Check point Charlie is a reminder of where east merged with west. A place where a gate in the fence was nervously watched lest a war would break out. Remnants of the wall remain near by as a stark reminder of the former separation. During my first visit about 6 years ago it was visually very obvious where East Germany stood but capitalism and prosperity have given way to new construction.
A famous landmark is the Brandenburg gate. If you listen closely to the stone it still vibrates with a "hale Hitler". Not too far from here is the unique Holocaust memorial. Behind it is a quiet parking lot with a sign saying this was the location of  Hitler's bunker.

In this cosmopolitan city oddly enough finding a German restaurant isn't easy. However on the second street behind the Holocaust memorial is a great one serving all those hearty specialties. The calves liver was wonderful.  Sorry no pictures of it.  Go see Berlin it is beautiful. I'm sorry to say Delta is no longer flying there.  Makes me sad.

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