Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dublin and "The Bleeding Horse" Public House

Ireland much like the British are not known for their fine cuisine. Nice people yes, but I don't bid trips to Ireland to enjoy the meal.

On a recent visit to the emerald isle I went to the Bleeding Horse. I just had to! Yes you can bet I had a pint of Guiness, after all it is made there.
Looking at the menu it was a toss up for the mixed grill or a hearty roast beef casserole dish. The grill won out in the end. It was really good, or I was just very hungry.
The pub is really quite interesting, it was established in 1649. It was built or added to creating little quaint sections, a large bar, an upstairs with more little nooks and crannies. It was built centuries ago at a major cross roads now in the middle of town. The name has several reported origins but at one time they used to bleed horses ears as a remedy for the staggers. There was a farrier at the Inn located here who did this for the local's horses. Of coarse we bled people in the past too in efforts to cure them. They say George Washington was down a few pints when he passed. There is another possibility of the name's origin, during a battle in 1649 reportedly a wounded horse fled the battle and rested at this location.  Who knows

Next time you're in Dublin stop in for a pint and a warm fire, or if you aren't going to Dublin anytime too soon you can visit the web site below:


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