Friday, October 12, 2012

Museo Del Jamon

We headed towards the Plaza Del Sol in search of the Museo Del Jamon. (OK, so my spell checker thinks you don't know it is the Museum of Ham...) After feeling as though I'd been violated in many ways by an overly crowded sub way car, I was relieved to surface into fresh air. Rush hour in a crowded, shoving, sweaty, mass of humanity trying to escape the work place is not too much fun. But at last I was free gasping for air!

And what should I surface into but a mob of protesters upset by threats of austerity. Well someone's got to pay for it and for now let it be the Germans. Don't even suggest cutting the benefits! Anyway they were protesting peacefully to the the delight of the police.
After watching the parade it was time to continue our quest. Yes, the quest in the fashion of med evil crusaders, we were looking for the holy grail of ham and beer, Museo Del Jamon.

As I've commented at other times I find the Spaniard's love for dry cured hams fascinating. The other day I heard of a place in Madrid which specialized in these hams. The Museo del Jamon or translated, The Museum of Ham. Located between the Plaza Del Sol and Plaza Mayor, it is a fun place and an excellent value.

I apologies for the picture quality but it was a bit dark. Not really a museum at all but a bar restaurant deli, serving ham in many different forms. It is very difficult to see but there are literally hundreds of pig legs drying on the walls of the building.

The best part of this place is the price. Wow what a great value! The beers are €0.70 or roughly a buck.

I figured the cheap beer was a come on to get you to buy expensive ham. Not the case at all. I ate a house specialty meal which is also very typical Spanish.

Ham served with fried eggs, French fries, croquet's, salad, and even soup!!! Too much for one person at € 7.30.

Great food and drink for the price!!!!  Go to Spain quickly before it is Germany or our economy is equally devastated...

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