Monday, February 11, 2013

The Bull

You may enjoy the bull fight, or for most people, not. I was in Madrid a while back and we decided to go watch one just to experience what it was all about. Interesting to say the least, gruesome to say the worst.
It's not like a man and a bull enter the arena to fight to the death. Not like that at all. First Mr bull gets beat up,  Mafiosi style. After hazers wear him out horse backed riders gouge him with jousting sticks. Now if this isn't enough the picadors come out and stick 2 foot long spears in his back.

OK so I'm not sharing this trying to make you anti -bull fight just telling you about my experience. It was to say interesting....

It's not like they choose a big riding bull. Just a little fighting bull. Still bull I will add.

So on another Madrid layover. We met for dinner to go to the oldest restaurant in Europe. Sure to be good. Well it has been here a while.

We took the bus to Plaza Del Sol and then walked to Plaza Mayor.

We saw sponge Bob and a dozen Mickey Mice along the way and then entered the Plaza Mayor.  I suppose when your unemployment rate is about half for young people you get a few Mickey Mouse activities.

Once the kings of Spain watched parades, executions, and the bull fight here. Ole

Now it is a memory of those grande events and today boasts restaurants, bars, and shops with street performers highlighting the day. One such bar which lines the courte is the Bull Bar. It reminds us of days past. Now the young cabeleros fight soccer balls.

This place sympathizes with the bull. Boasting pictures of Jimmy Carter, Bob and Teddy Kennedy, amidst post heroes slain by the bulls.

These young bulls hitting the mark before being slain without thoughts.

Eat drink but be ware. The bull is out there...

Today it is bueno comedo, bueno vino e mucho fun. Come and enjoy.

The Bull!!!!!

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