Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stolkholm's Slinger Bulten Revisited

Stockholm's Slinger Bulten is a wonderful meal and a great value for Sweeden.  I've written about it before but can't say enough good about it.   Reference my June 2012 blog on it...good food...

Situated in the old town it has a simple warm charm and the manager is fabulous and takes care of us.

On this trip we exchanged greetings and he remembered me and where I had sat and eaten a couple of months earlier.

He asked if we would like to try the reindeer appetizer as a starter. One of the guys was kind of squeamish about eating Rudolph and I assured him this was a bully reindeer who had laughed and called him names. He was cool with that.....

So Devine...simply wonderful!!!! Probably not a flying reindeer from the North Pole.

We ate a tomato salad. Super duper, that's food talk for real good.

I just can't go to this place without eating some fish stew. It is always superb and so robust in the fish part.

I drank a special local beer. It was so good.

Then the main courses.....

Someone had the traditional Sweedish meatballs, potatoes, gravy, and lingon berry sauce. I love the lingon berries. You can buy a pre made frozen version at Ikea which will give you an idea. Of course minus the ambiance....well, Ikea can be fun shopping but.....

Another fish dish of some sort.

And I chose fish also. The Atlantic Char...who knows, some fish from the cold northern waters.

Oh so good!!!!!!!!

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