Thursday, November 22, 2012

No Party is Complete Without A Police Visit and Every Holiday Needs A Fire!

Holidays are a fun time for enjoying family and friends. Relaxing and reminiscing about all the past good times and even dreaming of the future ones. Decorations and seasonal music and the sweet aroma of A FIRE!!!!
We started a new tradition at thanksgiving and that is the burnt offering of food.
The truth is we don't always pray for just the meal but we offer a burnt offering unto the Lord.  Not a bad idea to also pray for our safety as things get hectic around the holidays what with company and all. Have you noticed alot of those stupidest videos where people do dumb stuff are shot with a Christmas tree in the background?

This actually occured last year but the sentements are still the same.  Be careful as you cook for the hollidays!!!!

It's good to keep in mind even the best chefs will make mistakes.  I always like to keep a box of baking soda handy to dowse the occasional oven fife

It's also a good idea to have brilo pads available!!!!   Please don't attempt this trick in your own kitchen.                        (No don't do it someone elses either!)

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