Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Potato Chips

When I was a little kid we pretty much had plain potato chips with either ridges or not. Then a little later on there were also sour cream and onion or bar-b-Que. aside from potato chips there were Fritos and Cheetos.

Doritos came on the market making snacking even have more variety. First came the plain ones and then they expanded into the nacho flavor. Now they make many variations of which I eat little.

I remember back in 1985, I experienced my first kettle fried jalapeno potato chip. It was love at first bite, I was addicted. They are so good. Now you can find several brands of these little treasures.

Well of course one of the joys of traveling the world is going to the grocery stores and looking at the differences. The chip isle is one of my favorite places to check out.
Here you can really see marketing differences. Take Lays brand for instance, a US company, but different products for different countries. My latest favorite flavor (well aside from the jalepeno flavor) is the balsamic vinegar carmalized onion. Wow are they good!!! Not marketed in the US but I found them in Belgium. Can't wait to go back. Too bad they get crushed in a suitcase.

A couple of years back I was really into the mushroom flavored chips. I found these in Kiev Ukraine. Sorry we longer fly there and haven't seen them since.

Whether you are a chip conasour or just a couch potato don't be afraid to branch out and try a new flavor. That is something to be said for our modern world. Variety.

The grand Platz in Brussels. Just a couple of blocks from here not only can you get Belgium Waffles, Belgium chocolate, but also Lays potato chips!!!

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