Monday, November 26, 2012

Italian Ravioli Kale Soup

Most people don't associate Italy with cold weather but in the north you have those wonderful snow covered alps. The food is also a bit different. When you come in from a day of skiing nothing is better than a hearty bowl of soup and a crusty loaf of bread.

This dish can be made from scratch making your own Raviolis (that will be it's own blog at some point but not now) while cooking down some chicken broth. Another quicker solution is to use some canned broth and grocery store raviolis which you will find in the refrigerated section. You can do cheese ones but I prefer the sausage ones.
The heart of the dish is fresh kale. After washing it cut out the heavy stem and discard that.  Take the green leaves and cut it up. Boil them in the chicken broth.  I put in some chopped onion and garlic. Tinker with it until it tastes yummy and the kale is cooked tender. Now you can add the pasta and cook until they are tender and hot. Don't overcook the pasta or they will start falling apart. This is a great soup and so simple.

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