Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pane E Vino

I'm sitting alone having lunch in the most fabulous piazza in Pisa Italy. I chose this restaurant based on the wonderful experience the night before with the crew. This place is to die for and it also serves the most wonderful small batch local beers and wines. I must thank Rozlyn, a Delta flight attendant for introducing the crew to this great place.

I'm eating an eggplant rolled in prochuto ham with a mozzerela and sun dried tomato infusion. This is a dish I'm going to try to replicate in my kitchen. Of course the atmosphere will be lacking!  

 Interestingly enough the couple who run the place don't cook the food. They have several local cooks who prepare the food in their own kitchens and the cafe retails it. So the menu is on a chalk board and dictated by the day. 

Italy isn't known for its beer but this Pisa local beer is fantastic. The wine we drank the night before was incredible. I just can't say enough to describe this place. Last night we ate a ravioli stuffed with a meat or cheese and kale??? And bathed in a creamy pine nut sausage sauce.....well just it was just out of this world!!! The old world, well the "old world" and prepared by a little old "Mama" in her modest kitchen!!!

 We also ate the prosciutto melon and the caprisse salad.  So fresh and good.

If you ever visit Pisa you absolutely must make a visit to the Pane E Vino. You won't be disappointed. 

It was so good we ended up eating here again!   Ciao

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