Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zurich Switzerland

Another one of Europe's pearls is Zurich as well all of Switzerland.
Sitting on a lake at the base of the foothills it just takes your breath away.
Today I'm not going to tell you about the wonderful cheese fondu, or the home style potato raclette swimming in oil onions and cheese. These are great typical very Switzerland fare.

So we got down by the water around 3 and realized we were starving. A local brat vendor seemed like a good idea and it tasted wonderful but one bratwurst and a can of beer later I'd spent about 13 US dollars equivalent. But I was in Zurich which made it better. I'm sure a two dollar brat bought outside Lowes wouldn't be as good.

The prices got worse later on. Take a look at this menu. I did see the burger and it looked great. Yes of course salad and fries are included!

A Swiss Franc is worth about a buck and a nickel so 22 is really like 23. Across the street was Burger King where unless you are a king you can't afford to eat.
Don't let it scare you away from a visit to this beautiful country in the Alps. Leave Zurich and it will get less expensive too.   In a bit of fairness most of Europe is way more expensive than the US but this is a bit extreme. Would I go back???  In a heart beat!!!!

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