Friday, September 7, 2012

Cinque Terre

Five lovely villages connected by footpaths along the cliffs of the Mediterranean are a mecca for the photographers, hikers, foodies, sun bathers, and romantics. This is a popular tourist resort area located along Italy's north western coast.

Each little town has its own personality. Each one deserving of a visit. We chose to make the visits via a ferry boat. After an hour or so on the train we made our way to the ferry and purchased an all day ticket. I wish I had taken pictures of the loading and unloading process. Picture a 12 foot long gang plank with hand rails rising and falling a foot at a time. Meanwhile it is continually moving in and out as the waves toss the boat.

Lunch was more than wonderful. I had seafood pasta.

I didn't eat the more expensive lobster. Feast.

We headed up to the next city for beach time.

This is me centering myself with the cosmic universe. Well a flight attendant placed the rocks on me while I dozed.

Pretty stressful!!!! NOT.
The day was ending and time to eat again...

That was the best melon and  Prosciutto ham. Yummy!!!

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