Thursday, September 13, 2012

Psaros's, at the base of the Acropolis

Athens, cradle of democracy and hence protest. Their voices are heard and sometimes felt. Probably nothing new about it at all. Let's just hope that peace and stability will rise to the top.
Truly amazing stuff. How the could build such things?

For the Delta crews in Athens, Psaro's Taverena is the favorite dinner spot. We say we are with Delta and they treat us like kings.  It really is a wonderful restaurant sitting on a steep incline right at the base of the Acropolis.  In the summer you can dine outside and look up at the lit up Parthenon and it simply takes your breath away.
Perhaps equally amazing is the Greek food served here. A fresh healthy salad. So typically Greek. No lettuce! That must be an addition we in America and Europe add to make it go farther.

Moussaka, a very traditional casserole much like lasagna but with eggplant. Even if you don't like eggplant you will like this one. I keep intending to make some at home.

A baked smoked cheese which is just so unbelievably good. "crack cheese".
(some of you will get it) "Once you taste it your addicted and can't stop."

Fried calamari, so light and tasty. Athens is on the sea so the sea food is always fresh and cooked to perfection. If you over cook it, like most sea food, it gets rubbery.  If you have tried calamari and don't like it more than likely it was over cooked.

Samples of other's dinners. There is a stuffed squid, shrimp, and???? The huge portions they serve makes sampling your friend's choices so easy.

Leg of lamb.

A pasta casserole. 

OK yes, after that we all needed to take a run in the original Olympic stadium. Too cool. 

Beautiful historic city, a great restaurant, nice people, good prices, and great food.  

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