Monday, September 10, 2012

Keflavik Iceland and The Lobster House

My visit to Iceland was quick and certainly deserves another visit. It is definitely an interesting place.

A coastal country ripe with great fish. Dinner was The Lobster House sea food fantasy. But first about the flight, it was never really dark near the peak of summer this far north (I did this trip about a week after the summer solstice.) The arrival showed a very volcanic island with steaming vents and pools here and there.

It reminded me of New Mexico except north. One of my colleagues referenced it to lunar. Very different landscape.

There are lots of organized tours you can take but after being up all night I wasn't in the mood. So after a 3 or 4 hour nap I was forcing myself to awaken and see this place.

There were plenty of people enjoying the short sunny summer. I thought it was a bit too warm in the sun but it really wasn't so much the temperature it was just the intense sun that far north.

They have a lovely modern church fitting of this cute little town. I had to keep moving in order to meet up with the captain and a flight attendant or two. We had picked a lobby time for dinner and my walk was needing to be cut short.

The front desk recommended The Lobster House so off we went. It was a beautifully decorated colonial style home/building.

The food was fitting of the ambiance.

They gave us a free little raw bar sampler. It was excellent, just so fresh. I chose the sea food fantasy which was so good.

A wonderful looking salmon

Ok not huge portions but enough.
It was an interesting visit and a nice dinner!

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