Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Barcelona and a Duel to the Death


More pictures of Spain's tapas, a culinary battle for life and death.  The dance not like that of the bull ring being played out on the table.  The waitress releases the powerful foe.  It makes it's efforts to better me with a grace and power not to be lost by it's quiet efforts to remain intact.  I parry and thrust, lunging into the very center of it's being.  It rewards me with flavors and aromas so delightful I bow and then raise my glass to offer a toast.  I pick up the fork once again to attempt to vanquish the delightful squid.  It resists but I persist and eventually I'm able to conquer this beast. Now I await the next vengeful quarry in this table fought battle.

Calamari rings, seemingly complacent yet so willing to overwhelm me with palatable pleasure.

Spanish olives
The olives lost the battle.
On guard my foe, eyes wide open to fend against my onslaught.

So it be a duel you want? Then it is to the death!!!!!

Quick throw me the cross bow!!! He has me in a pinch! Wait, I can just eat him.....The End

Another saga of a well fought layover in Spain.

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