Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mussels in Brussels

Mussels are a filter feeder's which always makes me pause before ordering them. The good news is the colonies tend to stay off the bottom and usually in tidal areas which tend to self clean. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it because it lets me dine without worry!
The capital of Belgium it is a gem highlighted by The Grand Platsz in the heart of the old city.
You can drink a coffee or beer in the square and soak up all the ambiance while the restaurant proprietor soaks your pockets!
I prefer to soak it in quick and move on to some place more economical. One of Brussels most famous land marks is the Maniken Piss. I've seen it several times and each time I look at him it seems smaller...The statue as a whole!!!
Well after all this strenuous site seeing I'm getting hungry. Time to find one of many good places for the mussels.
A group of flight attendants first took me here, the said it was the best. (I doubt it but I paid a buck more to be on this side of the street.) They have a large menu with many different options and two full pages dedicated to the mussels.
Their salads are so fresh and flavorful. It's lightly oiled and vinegar. But just so simple and good. (yes I said that).
Next comes the shell can, a place to discard the shells.
Then the stars!
But Europe's passion is for the "pomme fritz" or French fries to you and me. It's hard to imagine going to a nice restaurant in the USA and getting French Fries. They are pretty good though! ...and of course ketchup!
They were so good and the broth at the bottom was so good. Of course the bread in Brussels is heavenly. Wonderful dipped in the white wine broth used to steam them.
I'm so stuffed!!! The walk back to the hotel included the drug opera!
I'm sure there is a reason for the name but it escapes me!

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