Monday, April 30, 2012

The Lady Liberty In Paris France

What is it about Paris? It's just so beautiful. Full of history, a sense of the past in the present and all in between.
Flying in last week was beautiful. I wished I had the camera out. The flax fields or CANOLA were in bloom and so gorgeous. It reminded me of a friend in Kansas who recently commented on the beautiful plant responsible for the oil we depend on for cooking. Those amber waves of grain.
The French gave the United States it's famous statue of liberty. They have a miniature version on a bridge next to our hotel.
Standing like a beacon of freedom for the world to look to. She gleams in the afternoon light.
Even the graffiti on her speaks freedom and life. Not of hate, fear, and many of the current motivators.
The Seine river flows past her a constant reminder of her unstoppable force in the world.
May we maintain our freedoms so much of the world would like to steal from us!!!! God bless America and her allies!!!

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